This tool is currently in beta - Expect some bugs here and there

Our AI Tools will require WSKY to purchase credits in the near future

Step 1 - Visit the Chatbot on our Website

You can enter any prompt in the message box at the bottom of your screen and the bot will give you it's best response.

- Connect Your Wallet

  1. Confirm you hold at least 50,000 WSKY

  2. Connect your wallet via WalletConnect

  3. Good to go!


Natural Language Processing

WhiskeyGPT employs advanced Natural Language Processing (NLP) algorithms to understand and respond to user queries effectively. This means users of any age, language, or grammar/spelling level can use our product effectively.


From basic information retrieval to complex problem-solving, WhiskeyGPT is designed to assist with a multitude of tasks.

Revenue Stream

WhiskeyGPT will require WSKY tokens to purchase credits for premium features, contributing to the platform's eco-system as a whole.

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