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Project Overview

WhiskeyTools is not just another tool in the crypto space - it's a comprehensive platform designed to serve both traders and developers. Whether you're a seasoned trader, a blockchain developer, or a crypto newbie, WhiskeyTools aims to simplify and empower your journey in the blockchain universe. We are a groundbreaking platform that integrates blockchain technology and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to serve a diverse user base ranging from traders to developers. Our mission is to simplify and empower your journey in the blockchain universe, all while offering revenue-sharing opportunities.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create a unified platform that bridges the gap between trading and development in the crypto world. We aim to provide a seamless experience that allows users to switch effortlessly between trading and development environments.

Core Features

For Traders

  • AI-Driven Token Listings: Real-time market data and AI-powered trend analysis.
  • Smart Trading Bots: AI algorithms to automate trading and maximize profits.
  • Revenue Sharing: Earn a share of the revenue generated by the platform.

For Developers

  • Smart Contract Tools: Deploy and test smart contracts with ease.
  • Contract Wizard: Deploy your own smart contracts in no-time
  • Open Source Code: Most of our programs are open source and easily forkable via our Github Repo

Technical Details

  • Smart Contracts: We utilize Ethereum-based smart contracts to facilitate various features on our platform, including trading and revenue-sharing.
  • Security: Advanced encryption techniques are employed to ensure the utmost security of user data and transactions.


WhiskeyTools has its own native token, which will be used for various utilities within the platform, such as transaction fees and accessing premium features. Additionally, token holders will have the opportunity to participate in revenue-sharing models, thereby monetizing their engagement with the platform.

Total Supply: 4,000,000 WSKY

  • 45% to PinkSale
  • 34.2% to Liquidity Lock
  • 5.2% to Rewards
  • 15.6% Locked until September 4th, 2024
10% of the 15.6% that's currently locked for 1 year will begin a vesting period of 5% every 7 days after the