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The WhiskeyTools roadmap is designed to provide a clear outline of our development phases. Each phase aims to introduce new features, improvements, and opportunities for our community. Our focus is on integrating blockchain technology, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and revenue-sharing models to create a comprehensive and profitable platform for both us and our users.

Phase 1: The Foundation


  • Launch the beta version with basic AI Tools and Dev Services.
  • Establish community channels for feedback.
  • Integrate a Service Bot and Referral System.
  • Create a staking platform for users to earn tokens that will be used as credits for for our AI-powered tools


  • Beta Launch: Release of the beta platform with basic AI and Developer tools.
  • Community Building: Initiate community engagement through social media and forums.
  • User Feedback: Gather feedback within the community to help guarantee best functionality for our product and customer happiness
  • Platform Optimization: Implement changes based on user feedback.

Phase 2: Expansion


  • Full launch of the platform with advanced features.
  • Introduce Token Listing and AI-Analytics.
  • Implement the first set of AI algorithms for trading bots.


  • Full Platform Launch: Full release with advanced trading and developer tools.
  • First Revenue Share: Distribute the first round of revenue shares to active holders proportionate to their holdings and platform earnings.

Phase 3: Optimization and Growth


  • Optimize the platform based on user feedback and data analytics.
  • Expand the range of AI algorithms and tools.
  • Enhance the revenue-sharing model.
  • Explore partnerships with AI experts or organizations to expand the range of AI algorithms available on the platform.


  • Platform Optimization: Implement changes based on user feedback.
  • AI Expansion: Introduce more advanced AI algorithms and tools.
  • Revenue Model Update: Revise and optimize the revenue-sharing model.

Phase 4: Bridge to Ethereum

To be continued...